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General Information

  • Tickets are $3.00 until after the payment due date – listed on every Show page – approximately six weeks before the show.
  • You may pay any time after receiving your emailed invoice.
  • If you will not be using a portion of your tickets or will not be attending, please contact us so that we may make them available to other waiting teachers.
  • If you have not paid by the due date your reservations will be canceled.
  • Any available tickets are $5.00 each after that.  

Accessibility Services

On your order form:

    • Clearly designate that you require ADA/accessible services so that we may make the appropriate arrangements including seating priority. 
    • Specify the class by teacher’s name and the service(s) being requested. 
    • We cannot guarantee that these patrons will be seated with their class. They will always be seated on the orchestra level with at least one chaperone and a friend or two.
    • Hearing impaired students, chaperones, and sign language interpreters will be seated orchestra right in preapproved seats with special lighting.
  • We will make every effort possible to provide the best experience. Please provide us with enough time to obtain a script and other services. Requests are handled on a show-by-show basis. Call 505-277-6746 or e-mail schooltimeseries@gmail.com to make arrangements for a Sign Language Interpreter or for questions about your ADA seating.

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